The Power of the Network

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City University of London February 20, 2017 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Jodie Eastwood, Chief Executive, Knowledge Quarter
Dr Noha Nasser, Director, MELA

We are all increasingly reaching out to other stakeholders across multiple sectors to form partnerships, develop collaborations, exercise influence and empower communities. The Knowledge Quarter and MELA are naturally interested in networks – inter organisational, cross disciplinary, multilevel partnerships that enable us to achieve the extraordinary goals we have set ourselves.

In this session we will explore the ways we have developed our networks, and how we work with other organisations locally, nationally and internationally to share knowledge, resources, goals and people. We will also examine specific techniques social enterprises can use to build and develop their own partnerships, bringing together speakers from distinguished backgrounds to share lively presentations on developing partnerships and harnessing the power of the network.

What delegates will learn: Delegates will get an insight in to both new and established multi stakeholder partnerships, how they were created, their aims and objectives and lessons learnt. They will also have an opportunity to question the speakers about their personal experiences in developing and maintaining complex cross sector partnerships.

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